So it looks like this is happening. Our daughter has asked repeatedly to try homeschooling next year, and circumstances have aligned to have that be the best option for her. Our reasons are academic and financial for choosing to homeschool, not religious. Unfortunately, that is the market a lot of companies target with their materials, so resources have to be vetted very carefully.

So far, trying to come up with a plan has been the hardest part. How do we approach this? On our own, with an online school, with a Co-op? In the end, since I have a background in higher education, I decided I can figure out most of the curriculum on my own. So I took to planning this the same way I would plan any other class I was going to teach–with lots of time on Amazon and various publisher websites.

My daughter’s current United States History class will end around the time of Reconstruction, so we will pick up right around then next year. I found the series The History of US, which seems to be pretty good, so we will be using volumes 8-10 of that. Several literary works will also tie in, for example, The Diary of Anne Frank (not the actual title, I know, but that is how everyone knows it), War Horse, by Mike Mopurgo, the young adult version of Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand, A Raisin in the Sun, To Kill a Mockingbird, and, probably, Code Talker, by Chester Nez (just need to check that for age appropriateness, but I imagine it will be OK). There are also several movies that we can incorporate, both film versions of books we are reading and others. 

So, at least that is all set!

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