I enjoyed doing the interview with the Vegan Bake Sale folks, so I decided to try a few more. This post started out as an interview, but I decided it worked better as a narrative, so I reworked it so the answered flowed together. Tricia Ackner designs fabulous jewelry to hold eyeglasses–though the pieces look great simply as necklaces as well. Most of her designs are for women, but there are some that are unisex. You can check out her website, Facebook page, or Etsy store. If you live in the Capital Region of New York, she is also a wonderful Zumba instructor!

So, here is Tricia’s story–enjoy!

My interest in fashion goes back at least as far as high school. As a student with a limited budget, I learned early on about the importance of mixing and matching my wardrobe to create different outfits. I also learned how simple accessories, like jewelry, put a different spin on the way I looked. Through trial and error, I learned the art of color, textures, and fashion trends.

While I was in high school, I also had the opportunity to serve on Macy’s teen board, which was a group of young women who worked with merchandisers on looks that we liked and what we thought would translate to the high school audience. We also modeled for in-store fashion shows. This made me realize that my interest could become a career path.

After graduation from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, I went to work for Montgomery Ward coordinating fashions within the store through displays and educating the employees in the women’s clothing department on fashion trends and coordination. From there, I entered the manufacturing end of fashion and became a sales representative for major clothing lines, traveling within a territory selling to boutiques and major department stores.

When I moved back home to upstate New York, I decided to take my interests in a new direction by working for Canyon Ranch. I had always been interested in health and wellness, so it seemed like a natural progression.

Much of the clientele at Canyon Ranch were baby boomers, as I was. Working with them and seeing myself mature, I began to realize how people change in so many ways, and the changes in our vision are one of the most apparent. Although reading glasses was inevitable, the transition of using them, finding them, and looking hip and fashionable at the same time was a challenge.

We don’t think of getting older in the same way that our parents and grandparents did. Once upon a time, when a woman turned fifty, she was expected to trade her heels for orthopedic shoes. That’s no longer the case. Fifty is the new forty; some say it is the new thirty. We are being defined less by our age and more by our accomplishments. So why should we give up on fashion?

So, in 2010, I tapped into my experience with fashion and decided to create my own line of fashionable and functional eyeglass holders. I like to call it “Jewelry with a Function.” Wanting to steer away from the granny eyeglass holder look, I developed a simple and classy design. I took basic materials like leather, semi precious stones, and silver and came up with a design. My eyeglass holders can be layered with other jewelry and, most importantly, the various styles can be interchanged with the ring, giving you a different look without having to purchase a full necklace every time.

Tricia's Dream Catcher Design--Silver and Leather

Tricia’s Dream Catcher Design–Silver and Leather


Crafty Me

January 15, 2013

I have always been a crafty person, and I decided that I should try to market some of my items. Last December I created an Etsy store called Literate Cat for this purpose. Right now I have several types of earrings, record bowls that my husband makes, and a custom hat based on one worn by Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films. I wanted to put a link on my blog’s main page, but WordPress doesn’t allow Etsy links, apparently, so I figured I should just post about it instead. Please check it out if have a chance! I also made a Facebook page for the store where I will post new items.

Custom “Hermione” Hat

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