I am a huge King Arthur buff–his legend made me an English and History major in college and sent me to grad school for Medieval Studies. So, Finding Camlann, by Sean Pidgeon, seemed like a book tailor-made for me, especially when it was described as National Treasure/DaVinci Code-esque. I love this recent trend in thrillers that tie in historical mysteries and anomalies. I have read a lot of them, and I have always wondered why no one had tapped the Arthurian legend. It seemed like an obvious choice.

I am of two minds regarding the book. I did enjoy it. The story and the characters were interesting. It was well-researched, and the characters were three-dimensional. The ending was satisfying. However, I was hoping it would be a little more like the books and films it was compared to. I kept waiting for the conspiracy, or the secret society, or whatever, and it never happened. Maybe it was because I was expecting it, but more tenseness would have helped the plot. It wasn’t exciting enough for me. The characters kind of mosey along, and the plot happens. I wanted more intensity.

Also, the book seems to be set in the present, but no one uses any technology. I kept yelling at them to get a cell phone or look something up on a computer. If the story was set before all this existed, fine, but then a time reference might have been nice. Maybe I missed it, but I did look for it.

So, in the end, it left me wanting more. Not a sequel, just a more complicated story.

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