Restaurant Review: Slice/Wild

April 2, 2013

This past Saturday we were all feeling well enough to take a ride down to New York City. I had a Groupon for parking, and I wasn’t going to let it expire!

It was actually a pretty low-key trip with no major sightseeing. However, I have to find a new vegan restaurant to try whenever we go down, and this time I wanted pizza.

Some browsing online led me to a pizza place called Slice in Greenwich Village (535 Hudson St.). We had to walk a ways to get there, and I was hoping the food would be worth it! We got to the address, but there was nothing called Slice. For a moment, I was horrified, then my husband noticed a sandwich board outside a place advertising gluten-free pizza. Then I noticed the menu I had seen online in the window. Horray!

Turns out, the place had made some changes a few weeks before and one of them was a new name–it is now called Wild. But the old website still works, at least for now; it just brings up the current menu. A little weird, but whatever. We were just hungry!

The place was small, and the menu isn’t 100% vegan, but all their pizza is made with vegan and gluten-free dough, so I was happy. It is rare for all of us to be able to order pizza out. My husband and daughter each ordered the Local Mozzarella, hers with vegan cheese, and I got the Roasted Vegetable, which had pesto for the base. I also got a Ginger Lemonade to drink.

The drink was great, and the pizzas were delicious as well. They come to the table on the pans they are baked on, which is a great way to reduce dishes and water use. You can order personal or share sizes–we each got a personal. It is free form pizza, and my daughter had leftovers to bring with her.

The only downside is that they charge extra for the soy cheese, and that isn’t on the menu. But I would go back again next time I am in the area!


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