Cutting the Cable: Part 2

February 11, 2013

So far so good with reducing cable channels. My husband misses CNN, but that’s it. However, I was not happy with my Apple TV, and, as a result, it is going back to the store.

The main reason we got Apple TV in addition to the Roku was so we could use the mirror option to watch shows from the apps or online. And this was mainly for CBS shows because just about everything else is available through Hulu. Well, CBS has some kind of issue with Apple, I guess, because this was a big bust. First of all, CBS does not have an app that allows streaming of full episodes. Secondly, while episodes are available through their website, they won’t stream on an iPad, only a computer. Without these options available, the Apple TV quickly became redundant–pretty much everything it could do the Roku already did, so there was no need to have two.

I have to say this is disappointing, and I don’t know what CBS is thinking. Unfortunately, we like a lot of the shows that air on CBS, and we aren’t usually up to see any of them live. I really hope they get their act together soon. With more people going this route, their ratings will plummet if they don’t do something for the viewers, who, if I am not mistaken, are supposed to be their primary reason for existing, right?


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