The Clean Eating Experiment: End of Week 1

January 4, 2013

Well, I didn’t eat as cleanly as I wanted, especially with another holiday at the start of the week, but I did do a lot better than I had been. Unfortunately, the scale doesn’t show that in a tangible way, but a half a pound loss is better than a gain! And as the junk food in the house continues to dwindle, things should get easier. The key is simply to think, to consider what a particular food “costs” in terms of how it will make me feel and its nutritional value before I eat it. And if the rest of my family can get more on board, that will be even better!

The other key is routine. I tend to do better with food related things when I have a routine–when I eat more or less the same things every day. Now that school has started again and there is less being out during the day, that should become easier. My main problem is mornings. For some reason, when I was going into my office every day, I could make a soy mocha, bring it with me, and drink it over the course of the morning with little desire for anything else–maybe some fruit or carrots. At home, I tend to get hungrier and want more food–perhaps because it is there. Another downside of unemployment–ready access to the cupboards! I can’t really see myself packing my lunchbag every day to stay at home, but maybe some variation on that. However, once the less healthy foods are no longer here, grazing will also be less of an issue.

It is all a work in progress!


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