The Clean Eating Experiment

December 27, 2012

The recent hubbub over the Mayan Apocalypse got me thinking about embracing the spirit of the event–using it as a chance to reboot and make some changes. And since I am now unemployed (but looking!), I have time to work on myself a bit. Although I am pretty good about what I eat, there is always room for improvement, so that is what I plan to tackle with my Reboot Plan. I am a Lifetime Member of Weight Watchers, and I am good about getting my weight where it is supposed to be for my monthly check-in, but that often means a very strict week or two before the date in order to compensate for being lazy about food the rest of the month. And that’s no fun. I need to be better about eating well every day. My systems tend to react poorly to junk food these days, but I am often willing to endure it for a big ol’ cup of French fries. Well, that needs to stop. So, I figured if I had to talk about what I ate here, that would keep me in line. And I need to promise myself that I will be honest–back to tracking my Points as well!

So, I read a bit online about Clean Eating, and put together parameters that I think I can work with pretty well:

1. Buy foods that are minimally processed. Three-six ingredients would be the ideal, but at least all ingredients should be recognizable and things I would use were I to make the item at home.

2. Cut back on buying pre-made foods in general.

3. Limit, if not eliminate, eating out.

Having set those guidelines, it doesn’t seem too bad. There are things currently in the house, however, that I cannot just throw away. So I will try to ration those items and just not replace them. My one big challenge will be diet soda. I do tend to drink a cup a day at lunchtime. While not terrible, I will have to work on that.

So, what have I had so far today? My daughter had an early dentist appointment, so it was a grab-and-go breakfast, unfortunately, but I grabbed a Larabar, and they are pretty minimal when it comes to ingredients. I had a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip (dates, peanuts, Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate chips (unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla), sea salt).

After her appointment we stopped at Starbucks while we waited for it to be time to drop her at camp. I do make an effort to make my drink choices there as healthy as I can–no whipped cream, decaf coffee, and soymilk. I also kept to the small size. Normally I make my coffee at home!

Now it is time to think about lunch. Planning a rice tortilla with baked tofu I made myself, Dijon mustard, and veggies. That should get me back on track!



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