Halloween and Hurricanes

October 31, 2012

I realized the other day that I have been neglecting my blog–didn’t realize it had been over a month since I posted something. At that time, I was looking back at the Summer. Pretty soon, I will have to look back at the Fall. So, time for some catching up!

Luckily, Hurricane/Megastorm Sandy didn’t affect my area as much as it did others. However, we prepped for it anyway, which diverted attention away from Halloween, which is my favorite holiday. But not so much that I didn’t get some baking done! My daughter is having a party at school today, and she wanted cupcakes, so I got an idea from a VegNews e-mail and made eyeball mini-cupcakes. I thought they looked suitably creepy. I had some sugar decorations that I put on some of them as an alternative for the faint at heart!

Eyeball Cupcakes for Halloween

Halloween is also about pumpkins, and I love pumpkin-y baked goods! On Sunday I made some Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies with pecans, raisins, and dried cranberries. The recipe came from Vegan with a Vengeance, but it called for walnuts and raisins, so I tweaked it a little. I wanted to be sure of the texture since I was bringing some into my class, so I didn’t make them gluten-free. Husband and daughter volunteered to taste test, and they were given the green light!

Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

I may have been left out of the cookies and the cupcakes, but last week I made some pumpkin bread that was gluten-free. Of course, the bad thing about having g-f goodies in the house is that I  eat them! I also made some pumpkin pancakes on Sunday. I adapted a wheat-based recipe–they came out kind of thin–next time I would add less liquid or more flour, but they were tasty. I even threw some dried cranberries into a couple of mine for a little something extra!

G-F Pumpkin Pancakes

G-F Pumpkin Bread

Just to round out baking news!–my daughter had her first sleepover a couple of weeks ago. It was very exciting for everyone, and I make Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins to have for breakfast.

And in mid-September–just after my last post, actually–we went to a birthday party for a friend. It was potluck, so I made some g-f Pumpkin Whoopie Pies and Mince Bars. The second recipe was actually for date bars, but I had a jar of my mom’s homemade mince “meat” on hand, so I used that instead and they came out great!

G-F Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins


G-F Mince Bars and Pumpkin Whoopie Pies



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