Two Vegans in Washington, DC

June 21, 2012

That would be my daughter and me. My husband recently attended a conference there, and we tagged along to do some sightseeing, and some eating! Unfortunately, the major attractions are not vegan-friendly, but I kind of knew that going in. Doesn’t mean I didn’t hope to be surprised! Before we left, I ordered a case of GoPicnic meals, and that saved us. Gave us something to eat on the train as well as to bring along on our travels.

After we got there and got settled at the hotel, we went out to Georgetown. Unfortunately, Sprinkles was out of their vegan cupcakes, but my daughter was able to get some vegan carrot cake at Le Pain Quotidien, where we stopped for supper. My daughter and I shared a Quinoa Cake and Veggie Quiche. She was suspicious of the choices, but liked them both. Anything to get to dessert, I suppose!

The Air and Space Museum was our first stop that involved a meal, and their options are McDonald’s and Boston Chicken. So we got some fries to share and some drinks, and ate our contraband hummus, crackers, and dried fruit and nuts along with it (you aren’t supposed to take food in). She was not happy about having to eat at McDonald’s, but now, at least, she can say she has!

That night there were terrible thunderstorms in the DC area, but I found Zpizza, which had vegan and gluten-free options–and they delivered! The pizza was really good–we all got personal sized ones, and it was great to get pizza out that I could eat! It has been a long time since I’ve been able to do that.

The next day was the National Zoo. The best we could do there was a PB&J for her, but it was pre-made, and she won’t eat jelly, so we were stuck with some chips and drinks to go with our picnic packs. That night we had a fabulous dinner at Cafe Green. My daughter got Mac and Cheese with Greens (which was g-f, so I got to have a bite), my husband got a salad, and I got a burger–on gluten-free bread! It was great. Then we got Chocolate Cheesecake and and Ice Cream Sundae for dessert and shared it three ways. Yum!

Sunday morning we took the Metro out to Sticky Fingers Bakery and got some cupcakes to bring on the train for snacks. I also got a quesadilla to have for lunch–and a copy of the bakery’s cookbook!

With the exception of Zpizza, the places we went to for vegan dining were a metro ride and then a walk, but it was worth it! I only wish the museums had better choices, especially since people come from all over the world to go to these places.


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