More Lunchbox Adventures

September 21, 2011

My daughter and I have started adding some variety to her lunch. I’ve long had the book Vegan Lunch Box, but I hadn’t gotten here to the point where she was willing to try so many new things. We are two weeks into the experiment, and so far, so good.

The first week, as the photos I posted attest to, we made pasta salad and cookies. There were a lot of cookies, so those got spread around quite a bit, and the recipe was all ready gluten-free, so I even got to have some! This week, the only recipe was for Pups in Blankets–soy hot dogs wrapped in dough and baked. I did tweak the recipe a bit–instead of all-purpose flour, which I only had g-f, I used half bread flour and half whole-wheat. There haven’t been any complaints, and apparently her best friend keeps trying to steal her lunch!

We’ll see how it progresses!


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