What shall it be?

June 28, 2011

This isn’t my first blog, but it will be the first one that will be, hopefully, public. I have pondered what to write about–what my niche could be–and I am stymied. So maybe by writing, I can figure it out.

Make-up? Although I love Bare Escentuals and OPI, I don’t know if I can make a world out of that, so probably no.

Food? Possibly. I am vegan and gluten-free, and I love to cook. I also love to eat, which is why dieting is another topic I could consider, but there are, I imagine, lots of people writing about all of that. I fear I am not creative enough for that–I don’t make too many of my own recipes.

Books? I do love books, and I used to have a book review column in the local paper when I lived in South Dakota. I read avidly. Something to read is never too far away, especially with the help of modern technology. That will be something to think about more.

Parenting? Perhaps as a sub-topic, but I don’t think I am that good at it to use that to drive a blog!

Social Commentary? Maybe–and everything above can sort of fall under this umbrella. I guess that is where I will start anyway, since it will help me feel out something more specific.


Yesterday I was at Toys R Us as part of my endless search for Harry Potter items for my daughter’s birthday party. I never would have imagined finding HP-themed decorations and the like would be so hard! Anyway, this has never been my favorite store. The fact that the toys are organized by gender has always bothered me; why can’t girls like trucks and Star Wars? And why do all the “girl toys” have to be pink? I heard a woman ask a clerk where the girls toys were, and I whispered “Rebel!” to my husband. That people get sucked into the trap is even more worrying.

Then the Disney music playing over the speakers. As a kid, I will admit, I loved Disney, but the more I have read about it, the more it seems like a pandemic sweeping the globe, and when I was a kid, there was far less “stuff” connected with the brand. They are so not girl-friendly. I know Walt had some specific ideas about a woman’s place and all that, but it is the 21st century! Also, if I see one more Cars thing, I think I will scream. And why must the Cars-themed food be sold with the toys? That seems wrong somehow. My problem is that no one else sees it. If I was a conspiracy-minded person, I might see some kind of take-over-the-world plot in Disney getting its tentacles into all aspects of society. They already have clothes, toys, food, TV, home furnishings, books, and movies–not to mention cruise ships and theme parks. What don’t they have a hand in?

So, needless to say, I left TRU a bit annoyed. My husband is used to my muttering.

On a happier note, tomorrow is my next CSA delivery from Denison Farm–veggie presents every week! That has encouraged me to cook: summer squash-applesauce muffins, millett tabbouleh, sauteed bok choy, spinach, and kale. Yum! Tonight, hopefully, I will roast some fennel and zucchini with some non-CSA, but organic, sweet potatoes. Add the rest of the kale and some rice, top it with an Amy’s Kitchen Sonoma burger, and call it a meal! This is assuming I am motivated to do all that!


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